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Retro Tech Select

Kit Reviews:

One of the key focuses of Retro Tech Select is new equipment that enhances playback of retro tech. The Kit Reviews featured here are in-depth breakdowns of the benefits that these devices provide when combined with your favorite legacy gear!


KR 8 - Mega SG Review
Analogue Mega SG
Clone Contender? Retron 77 Review
Hyperkin’s Retron 77
KR6 - AtGames
AtGames Genesis Classic
KR5 - PS1 Adapter
PS1 Adapter Preview
KR 4 - Retrovision
HD Retrovision
KR 3 - Hanzo
Hanzo VGA
AVS by RetroUSB
KR01 - Denon AVR 1913
Denon AVR 1913
KR00 - HD Retrovision Cables
HD Retrovision Preview

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