Buying New vs. Retro: Winter 2017 – Pick 60, Episode 2

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December 11, 2017

At the end of the year, we all feel a little sting in the wallet when it comes time to fork over for gifts. This episode of Pick Sixty narrows in ways to stretch your dollars in December.

Summary: When you go out to do a little Holiday shopping (for yourself), you’re confronted with two realities when buying video games: new games are often expensive, and old games can be cheap.

The big question that presents itself is this: how many retro games can you buy for the price of one new game? In this second episode of “Pick 60”, we explore that idea and put it into practice.

Creator’s Note: No, that’s not the video lagging during the “Morrowind” bits. The Xbox version just has a less-than-stellar framerate. Still, it’s hard to be an exceptional RPG at under ten dollars…

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