Embrace the Green Label! – Pick 60, Episode 3

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February 17, 2019

Anyone who knew me in my youth can tell you I’ve never been a fan of best-seller and budget releases. I’ve always been picky about how they look on a shelf with the rest of your “normal” games. Is there a benefit to giving up my obsession with a uniform collection?

Summary: Retro Tech Select is back with another Pick Sixty! The usual formula of how many retro titles you can get for $60 (the cost of a new game), is being warped this time around. This video focuses in on how many green label games you can get for the original PlayStation vs. one copy of Crash Bandicoot black label.

Tighten your wallets and get stingy, it’s time for another episode of Pick 60!

Creator’s Note: Microphone issues caused me to have to get creative in the editing room. All “talking head” portions in this video are actually dual mono, as one channel was originally full of distortion.

Also, the encroaching hand featured in this episode is actually my sister standing in for my wife (who is a big Oddworld fan). Even her friends were fooled!

Featured Music:
“On Our Way”, “Frozen Langos”, “Facehammer”, and “A Calmer Day” by Ozzed
Listen the whole album on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLtvFEfRvQd2eJSdmkVYxprGISz2W3qJY6
Or visit his website directly: https://ozzed.net/

More Info: Retro Tech Select now has its own Twitter page, separate from the joint account it used to share with Undy a Hundy.

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