NES on the Wii U Virtual Console – Features, Episode 1

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September 19, 2016

Nintendo’s follow up to the Wii did a number of things right, despite being a relative commercial flop. In fact, even parts of the Virtual Console on the Wii U were done well. Does that extend to the large library of NES games on the service?

Summary: The Wii U Virtual Console has taken some flack for its emulation of NES games. Could it really look worse than the original Wii’s VC? Do the games look better on an actual NES?

Creator’s Note: While we’re still waiting on the VC to appear on the Switch, Nintendo has formally put an end to the Wii Shop Channel, making the Wii ports of a lot of these titles digitally “out of print.” Let’s shed a tear for that.

More Info: Head over the RTSelect’s Instagram to see the small memorial created to honor the end of the Wii Shop Channel.

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