Hyperkin’s Retron 77 Review – Kit Reviews, Episode 7

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Aug 4, 2018

The last clone console reviewed here at RTSelect, the Sega Genesis Classic, didn’t exactly inspire a lot of enthusiasm. Does Hyperkin Labs newest offering fare any better?

Summary: In the NES and SNES clone console arena, Hyperkin has a whole lot of competition for their Retron 5. When it comes to Atari 2600 games, however, they are getting out ahead of the pack. The Retron 77 is the first ever HDMI clone console for enjoying your Atari carts in super-sharp HD!

This review will cover what features standout on Hyperkin’s Retron 77, as well as areas that it lags behind recent bombshell releases like the AVS by RetroUSB for NES games, and the SuperNT by Analogue for SNES titles.

Feast your eyes on gorgeous gameplay from featured titles like Pitfall, Defender, Yar’s Revenge, Space Invaders and more! Strap in for this starship ride through the world of “Gen 2” vintage video games.

Find out if the Retron 77 is worth your money, or whether you’ll want to Wait on Atari’s official VCS dropping sometime in the future.

More Info: If you enjoyed this episode of RTSelect, check out the excellent review mentioned in this video by Atari enthusiast John Hancock: https://youtu.be/w9elQGTnzcs

For more info on the Retron 77, visit the official website of Hyperkin Labs.

Creator’s Note: This episode features a unique setup for capturing sound, as my primary microphone was acting up during production. To catch a peak of the solution, click here.

Featured Music:
“Plastic Wastelandt” and “Neon Rain” by Seventh Gear – https://seventhgear.bandcamp.com/
“Chiptronical” by Patrick de Arteaga – https://patrickdearteaga.com/

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