HD Retrovision PS1 Adapter Preview – Kit Reviews, Episode 5

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April 09, 2018

While the PS2 and PS3 support component output, Sony’s original PlayStation does not. S-video was the highest video standard possible from a PS1 out of the box… until now.

Summary: HD Retrovision has just released a new adapter that works in conjunction with it’s Genesis cable to get YPbPr component video from your PlayStation (PS1). That’s PSX for you cool kids!

In this hardware preview, we’ll break down how much of an improvement this setup gives you over both composite (RCA) and S-video cables. Hint: the original Playstation has never looked better.

Shield your eyes, young people, these pixels are sharp!

Creator’s Note: To see all of my HD Retrovision content from the very beginning, head over to the RTSelect YouTube channel, and check out this playlist.

More Info: If you’re interested in buying this adapter, or just want more info on their cables, be sure to check out the official webpage for HD Retrovision.

Featured Music: “Prologue” and “All of Us” by Eric Skiff – https://ericskiff.com/

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