HD Retrovision Cables – Kit Reviews, Episode 4

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September 24, 2017

You might be wondering why you’d ever need to improve the PQ of your old game consoles. If that’s you, you’re probably still playing on a CRT.

Summary: Remember the good old days of gaming? You’d plug you old consoles into a 500 lb. tube and the magic would commence. Ever tried to plug those old consoles into your HD flatscreen?

Don’t do it, Taylor! You might not like what you find… But what if your HDTV is your only TV? Are you destined to suffer awful picture quality just because you want to play your newer systems in full HD? Do you need to mod your retro console?

Fear not, young gamer. HD Retrovision has come up with an elegant solution to the awful things that HDTVs do to your composite-video consoles. Through the power of YPbPr, they’re able to create an RGB experience without all of the hoops one would normally have to jump through.

How good are the results? Click play for an in-depth analysis of HD Retrovision’s component cables for the Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo.

Creator’s Note: At the time of writing, this is by far my most popular video. I attribute this to the quality of the product I’m reviewing. I’ve since purchased HD Retrovision’s PS1 adapter – and even one for a Sega Saturn (which I don’t own yet)!

More Info: Check out the official webpage for HD Retrovision, and be sure to watch my previous video on these cables.

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