Denon AVR 1913 Review – Kit Reviews, Episode 1

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August 15, 2016

That moment when you realize that a Framemeister costs more than any of the consoles hooked up to it…

Summary: Retro video games through an AV Receiver? How does the 1913 fare as an upscaler and converter for classic consoles? Can it compare to dedicated scalers?

Creator’s Note: Man, that’s a lot of questions in my video description! To answer one – the 1913 does an excellent job with 480p content, but treats 240p signals as 480i. This creates unnecessary interlacing artifacts where there needn’t be any.

It’s still a great option for those on a budget, but I’ve since changed my setup around a bit to accommodate. This episode shows off what changes I’ve made.

More Info: Learn more about Denon electronics.

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