Super Mario Land Review – Game Reviews, Episode 3

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October 31, 2017

It’s a call to quality when you review a Mario game. You know from the onset that it’s been done many, many times before. Nonetheless, this game holds significance for me and I wanted it to be one of RTSelect’s earliest reviews.

Summary: Long before Mario was out on a hybrid “Odyssey”, Nintendo released a little platformer called “Super Mario Land” for their new handheld system — the Game Boy. Their stated goal was to bring the home console Mario experience out into the world, to be played anywhere.

Was Nintendo successful in this endeavor? How well does the first ever portable Mario hold up? Dig into this review and we’ll explore what “Mario Land” gets right, and anywhere that Nintendo could up their “game” (pun intended).

Creator’s Note: Game footage for this review was captured on a Gamecube running the Game Boy Interface via SD card and an Action Replay disc. I fully intend to dedicate an entire episode to this setup, which I think is pretty close to ideal. It outperforms the official software by a wide margin.

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