Future Fast! F-Zero Review – Game Reviews, Episode 4

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Jun 18, 2018

There once was a lad named StuOhQ, who dreamed of a video series… In this flashback episode, you’ll see a glimpse of Retro Tech Select – before it was Retro Tech Select. The subject? F-Zero for the Super Nintendo!

Summary: There’s a reason fans are continually upset by the lack of a new F-Zero appearing at E3 and other trade shows. F-Zero promises a “Falcon Kick” of adrenaline when you jump into the driving seat of this futuristic racer.

The original F-Zero shows its age in a number of ways, but can this SNES classic still boost its way to the front of the racing genre? Buckle up for a “blast from the past” (in more ways than one) review of F-Zero for the Super Nintendo!

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Creator’s Note: In the shot where I’m seen “savoring the little things,” you’ll notice a head bobbing in and out of the frame in the background. That was my mother, unaware of what was happening on her back porch. Look ma, no hands!

Featured Music:
“Ground Control” by English Folklore (https://ing-records.bandcamp.com/)
“She is My Best Treasure” by Rolemusic (http://rolemusic.sawsquarenoise.com/)

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