Analogue Mega SG – Kit Reviews, Episode 8

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May 1, 2019

Sega might be looking to bring their classic franchises back into the limelight with efforts like the misguided film adaptation of “Sonic the Hedgehog”, but other companies are giving us tools to enjoy our vintage carts on modern displays.

Summary: There have been dozens of Genesis “clone” consoles released along the years – and most of them have been complete trash. Following on their successful SNES clone, the Super NT, Analogue is back with their take on the ultimate HD Genesis console – the Mega SG.

With the Genesis Mini/Classic on the way from Sega later this year, is there any need for another Genesis clone on the market? Anologue answers that question definitively in with this piece of hardware, and this video takes a quick dive into the SG’s best features, and some ways that the SG goes well beyond just playing Genesis carts.

Creator’s Note: The camera was not rolling when I thought I was shooting footage of the Mega SG during a firmware update. As the shot was missed, I had to simulate the look of a firmware update by going into the LED options in the system settings and rapidly turning the LED on and off.

More Info:
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Featured Music:
“Arabian Battle”, “Catch the Thief”, “Cave Troll [With Battle]”, “Level One”, and “Samurai Man” by Maz Nimra (

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