RetroTINK 2X vs. iScan Pro – Special Features, Episode 4

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Oct 6, 2018

There are lots of options out there for a newly emerging retro gamer. You know your old consoles looked better than this back-in-the-day, but you might not know where to start.

Summary: Before jumping at an expensive upscaler, check out this epic showdown of what truly exceptional line-doublers can provide you instead.

In this comparison , we match the RetroTINK 2X against the DVDO iScan Pro to see which line-doubler takes top prize as a Framemeister or OSSC alternative. Both are great devices, but only one gives you the most holla for your dolla…

Okay, agreed. I’ll never use that line again.

More Info: For breakdowns of the benefits these line-doublers have over upscalers, check out the great work of these fine creators:

Scarlet Sprites:
Ray Commend:

For more information on the 2X, visit the official webpage from Mike Chi:

Creator’s Note: The occasional moments of screen-tearing I noticed when test-driving the 2X out did not recur once I ran the unit through my primary upscaler. Everyone else in my household claims I was imagining it anyway 🙂

Featured Music:
“Dragon Slayer”, “Nin10day”, “8-Bit Bomber”, “Our Hero’s Funeral March”, and “Combat” by Daydream Anatomy –

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