Blu-played? Worse than DVD – Special Features, Episode 3

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March 20, 2018

You’re online one morning, window browsing on Amazon, when you stumble upon a movie you dearly love. But, wait… that’s not a DVD! Your heart starts racing.

Summary: It’s hard to beat that feeling when one of your favorite movies finally gets an HD release. That makes for a hard dose of reality if the quality doesn’t wow in the way we expect a Blu-ray to. Sure, the DVD looked pretty crummy the last time you watched it, but this Blu-ray… could it actually be worse?!

In this episode of Retro Tech Select, we’ll dissect the images of two Blu-ray releases that beg the question if they were worth the upgrade at all. In the process, we’ll take a typical nostalgic glance at the video formats of yesteryear, and determine if there’s real merit of sticking to older releases of the films you love – or if it’s time to pony up and buy the new discs.

Creator’s Note: This video was prolonged in the making when an unexpected urge to create the last episode of Retro Tech Select struck me. After a quick, “bit-sized” diversion, I was back to work on “Blu-played”.

This video features nearly 40 After Effects compositions encompassing everything from swipes, side-by-sides, cut comparisons, and split-shots. For this reason, it was one of the most work intensive episodes of RTSelect so far.

It also features a musical number by a good friend of mine, an artist by the name of English Folklore. Links to samples of his music, as well as the other music included in this episode, can be found below.

More Info: Music featured in this video includes:

“Bloom” by English Folklore –
“Hardboiled” and “Outfoxing the Fox” by Kevin MacLeod –
“Epic” by Bensound –

Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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